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12 January 2021
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03 December 2020
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22 October 2020
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19 February 2021
OPINIONLegitimate actions for Bogazici University

The Bogazici University protests were a prime example of an event which can be both locally significant and worthy of debate yet internationally overblown ...

16 February 2021
OPINIONThe blood of innocent people on the hands of PKK

In the years following the starting of the Syrian civil war, the emergence of ISIS and the heavily armed terrorism in Syria, countering ISIS started to bec ...

25 January 2021
OPINIONEuropean Elders Doubt Vaccination on the opposite of the Turkish Elders

Elder people in Turkey appreciate Turkey’s Covid-19 treatment which is different than European countries. The biggest measures in vaccination process are h ...

12 January 2021
OPINIONAnkara Uses SETA to Spread Political Views in Germany?

The Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (in Turkish: Siyaset, Ekonomi ve Toplum Araştırmaları Vakfı, SETA) is a policy think-tank based ...