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Mainstream Media in Action: Misrepresentation Through Misinformation/Manipulation?


This is an excerpt from the American Politico magazine.


Here, the story might be trying to manipulate:
a) The reason behind the rerun of general elections in 2015
b) The grounds for the dismissal of elected officials


Let's break this down step by step.

a) The reason behind the rerun of general elections in 2015

The author is attempting to establish her personal point of view as the factual truth, by stating that the AK Party's loss of single-party rule is the direct cause of the rerun of elections.

This rhetoric contains a logical fallacy, argument by assertion, where the speaker tries to establish a point by merely asserting that it is true. Without providing any concrete evidence supporting her claims.

In life, there might be more to a story than it seems at first glance, and most of us know that it usually is the case.

Therefore, we'd like to show you another perspective, to help you decide for yourself.

The results of the June 2015 Turkish general elections meant no single party could enjoy a parliamentary majority, thus a single-party rule was not possible. Consequently, a coalition government had to be formed. However, all attempts simply fell through.
The opposition parties at the time mostly either flat-out rejected holding talks with President Erdogan, or refused to form a coalition government with the AK Party. There had been seemingly genuine efforts as well, but in the end, Turkey's political parties tend to be rather uncompromising in their respective ideologies.
Resultantly, all coalition options failed to come to fruition within the constitutional limit of 45 days, and the elections had to be rerun. The reason does not appear to be the AK Party's loss of parliamentary majority.


b) The grounds for the dismissal of the elected officials

The author uses the same fallacious rhetoric to convince readers that the dismissal of elected officials depends solely on President Erdogan's subjective judgment and -perhaps unfounded- suspicions.

Let us provide another point of view.

Turkey has been fighting the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) -unanimously listed as a terror organization by NATO, the EU, the U.S.- for the last 35 years. And the HDP municipalities have been repeatedly caught supporting the PKK both logistically and financially.
You may check out the relevant thread here:
In 2016, the Turkish government sacked 28 of these HDP-affiliated mayors who were found guilty of providing support for the PKK, and then appointed trustees in their place.
(Incidentally, the trustees seem to have gained people's appreciation over time.)
You can read more on this here: …


The government of Turkey has replaced a number of opposition mayors with government-appointed officials three years ago, after their support for the PKK was legally proven.

However, such an affiliation was specifically never mentioned about the dismissed elected officials in the article, and the author clearly wants the readers to believe Erdogan was single-handedly the man behind the whole process.

We are most definitely not accusing the author of deliberate manipulation, as she might just be ill-informed on a myriad of matters concerning Turkey; but unfortunately, our country frequently suffers from such misrepresentations in foreign media, often through sloppy journalism. This not only hurts us, the Turkish people, but also facilitates the spread of false information throughout the world.

We're kindly asking our readers to evaluate different viewpoints before reaching their final conclusions on just about anything, which we believe would make our world a far better place for all of us to live in.