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European Elders Doubt Vaccination on the opposite of the Turkish Elders

Elder people in Turkey appreciate Turkey’s Covid-19 treatment which is different than European countries. The biggest measures in vaccination process are held in Turkey for elder people; European countries, on the other hand, put elder people in the last row for treatment due to the lack of beds in their hospitals, then, the countries leave them to die in nursing homes or into vaccine queues.

Although Europe has taken series of measures in the pandemic, it failed to protect European elder people. Based on the measures taken by Turkey, before and now, elder people in Turkey have been treated once again in the early vaccination. In the mass vaccination that started in Turkey against the Covid-19, the elder people have been taken to hospitals from their homes, or, they have been treated in their homes.

It is known that Covid-19 is a brutal virus especially on elder people. In Italy and Spain, unfortunately, elder people sent to nursing homes and left to die in there because these European countries are short of medical equipment. In that sense, some European countries decide to treat young people in a priority and leave elder people in to destiny.

In the European countries, where the vaccination processes have started similar to Turkey, elder people are sent a message that declare their vaccination processes related to time and date. So, elder people must go to hospitals by a bus, maybe if they are lucky, by a taxi, in the European countries. However, in Turkey, elder people are visited at home and have the vaccine by kind medical personnel. Home vaccination is one of the best services provided to elder people amid Covid-19. It is definitely an exceptional service which shows the feeling of loyalty and respect to elder people in Turkey.

Turkey completed a vaccination programme in a week with inoculation of a total of 87,120 people including 18,450 personnel, 30,000 disabled people in care homes, 14,470 personnel and 24,200 elderly people in the nursing homes.

In Turkey, one of 10 people are 65-year-old and above. In the European Union, that rate is 20%. According to the Turkish Statistical Institute, the population aged 65-year-old and older was 7.5 million in 2019. The largest elderly population is in Italy and Greece.