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25 March 2021
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05 March 2021
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01 March 2021
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26 February 2021
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19 February 2021
22 October 2020
OPINIONTransformation of tech in a country: Unicorns' Turkey used to consider software trade as fictional export

Not that long ago, in 1992, a technology firm called Netas faced fictional export allegations for just only trading software to the UK. After the transa ...

03 September 2020
OPINIONTricks in the composite indexes

Composite Indexes… A way to measure development on social and economic issues. Let’s look how indexes are developed. There are indictors being det ...

22 August 2020
OPINIONThe IMF: Rescues or Enslaves?

International Monetary Fund...The IMF... Does it rescue or enslave countries? Let me ask another way; Is it a device to save or to conquer? The main ...

14 August 2020
OPINIONThe need for a secure base currency: Printed money or gold?

Pandemic or for a similar definition, outbreak means a lot for the world economy anymore. At least everybody agrees on nothing is going to remain unchanged ...