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OpinionTurkey has the highest amount of share purchase from foreign investors
10 September 2021
OpinionTwenty-seven United States (U.S.) Representatives demand an investigation into Turkish drone programme!
13 August 2021
OpinionTurkey and China's fifty years of respect and friendship
06 August 2021
OpinionAn interesting alliance in the USA: The 'Turkish Democracy Project'
25 June 2021
OpinionElif Shafak complains about Turkey to Angelina Jolie
19 April 2021
01 March 2021
OPINIONBryan Fogel's “The Dissident” documents Turkey stood up alone for human rights

The brutal murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi inside the Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul in 2018 was certainly an event which shocke ...

26 February 2021
OPINIONNetherlands accepts Armenian allegation of ‘so-called’ genocide

The Dutch Parliament accepted the Armenian claims regarding the 1915 events. In the session in which the frequently brought up proposition "to recognize th ...

19 February 2021
OPINIONLegitimate actions for Bogazici University

The Bogazici University protests were a prime example of an event which can be both locally significant and worthy of debate yet internationally overblown ...

16 February 2021
OPINIONThe blood of innocent people on the hands of PKK

In the years following the starting of the Syrian civil war, the emergence of ISIS and the heavily armed terrorism in Syria, countering ISIS started to bec ...