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10 September 2021
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13 August 2021
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06 August 2021
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25 June 2021
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19 April 2021
24 July 2020
OPINIONWhat is Turkey’s new internet law about?

The Ruling Party submitted a bill proposal on regulating social media. Foreign media outlets are on outrage although many Western and “democratic” countrie ...

23 June 2020
OPINIONWhy Turkey wants you to visit this summer

Turkey, a country with many rich offerings - from its natural beauty, gastronomy, history and the arts - wants tourists to continue coming to its highly un ...

22 June 2020
OPINIONLa France doit faire face à son hypocrisie en Libye

Le 10 Juin 2020, une frégate française a tenté d'arrêter un bateau marchand turc en Méditerranée en route à la Libye. La frégate française Courbet, sous co ...

12 June 2020
OPINIONTwitter’s decision to suspend 7000 accounts in Turkey is baseless

Twitter announced that it has shut down 7340 “state linked” accounts in Turkey which promoted Turkey’s ruling party’s narrative on 11 June 2020. However, T ...